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Google's rules

Google's search algorithms are complicated (and sometimes more than a little underhand). The problem with the Internet is there are now so many websites. How can a search engine decide which website should be on the short list and at the top?

Among many other considerations Google sets out some of the criteria their search algorithms use to make this decision.

Google also says this: "If you build the best site possible, your good rankings will follow. This isn't the answer that most webmasters want to hear. They want a few simple "tricks" that will rocket them to the top of the search results. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Even if that were possible, twenty sites all employing the same tricks couldn't all fit on the front page of Google.

Eight golden rules

The page is relevant to the terms being searched for

The page is considered an authority about its topic

The page has good, useful content

The page has been around for a while

The page is part of a site with lots of information

The page loads quickly

The page doesn't have a bunch of broken links

The page isn't filled with a cheap list of keywords

Google's rules

SEO explained

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is the science of writing background code to communicate with the various Internet search providers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and others.

Each of these companies uses its own methods. Google, in particular, employs a number of complex — and indeed secret — methods. Google claims it can supply highly specific, relevant and targeted results to every single Internet user. This means, in many cases, everyone is seeing a slightly different search result based on your browsling history, your emails that Google intercepts and your geographic location at the moment you request information.

We work with Google to a degree in order to code into your website information that will help it serve your company details to prospective customers.

We write Google-approved background code; we tag images with code that links your company to both a product and a location. For example if you specialise in roof repair in Crewe, we systematically include key details of the types of work you do, the materials you use, and the locations of your current and previous contracts.

By regularly adding and updating images, foreground explanatory text and background code and tags, we assist Google to build up a knowledge of your company, services and location so your website information is prioritised above those websites which are not regularly updated.

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