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Logo citycoder.

Website build: no charge

Subscription: £28 per month

Payable by monthly Direct Debit

Search listing boost - included

Trickery: none

£28 per month for a 3 to 5 page website. Extra starter pages: 2 per month

Websites are designed to grow over time. We do not charge extra as your website grows.

This cost covers everything except domain registration and an optional linked email address. There are no hidden charges. In other words: design, unlimited content management, hosting, maintenance and as many updates as you wish whenever you wish to keep your site interesting, relevant, dynamic and professional-looking - all for a single very modest monthly subscription.

Our Terms & Conditions are intended to provide you with the best possible deal. You can read them HERE.

*You will need a domain which will usually cost between £9 and £15 per year. We pay this fee to the Registrar on your behalf.

Tel: 07521 941 560