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Many website designers will show you they can build you a flash website, but if your customers do not see it, what's the point?

Although Google is the most well-known search engine, there are several others: Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, even one called DuckduckGo!.

Each one uses different criteria to decide which website gets to be at the top of their listing.

"SEO" - Search Engine Optimization - is a complex science, and so many untruths are told about it.

Talk to us and get the facts - not the sales talk.

Companies typically charge anything from £160 per month to several thousand pounds each month.

A client recently came over to our company because Yell were charging him £1,300 per month - and all he was getting was a series of enquiries for small jobs that did not pay their way.

From your website you want to get the enquiries that are profitable; the customers with serious money to spend.

In order to do that the content of your website must engage the right type of visitor. Your website must be quality to reflect the quality of your workmanship.

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