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Stand out.

Video gets your company noticed like no other medium.

No matter what you are constructing, selling or what services you supply to the public, a good quality short promotional video will grab the attention of potential customers.

Show your potential clients who you are and why your enterprise is a cut above the rest. A good video really introduces you to the world and makes you stand out. The more potential clients feel they know and trust you, the more likely they are to purchase.


1. Send us your phone video and we will edit it. We then load it on to our own dedicated video server platform and embed the stream into one of your website pages.

2. If you don't yet have any video send us your still pictures and we will edit these into a video format. Be sure to send us BIG good quality still pix from your phone [read more about taking and sending us pix]

3. We can produce a professional High Definition video for you.

3.1 If you have a website with us we will make a short video - up to 5 minutes in length - for no charge.

3.2 If the video is to be recorded outside of North Wales there is a travelling charge of 30 pence per mile to reach the required location. The video production itself is free.

3.3 If you do not have a website with us, the cost of a short video is £200.00. We can also make longer and more complex promotional and product videos. Please ask for details.

3.4 Hosting: if you have a website with us the cost of hosting the video element for streaming is £2.00. per month. If you do not have a website with us, the cost of hosting for Internet streaming is £5.00 per month.

Technical stuff

Editing video.

The video can be anything from two minutes to five minutes long.

Format: HD High Definition. Hosted on our own high speed server, the video is coded to adjust the streaming quality to match the receiving device and local bandwidth so it always looks good on whatever screen the viewer is using.

Unlike Youtube there are no advertisements of competing products to distract the viewer.


The cost of a video up to 5 minutes long is £200.00.

This includes travel costs in the North Wales area. Beyond this a travelling charge of 30 pence per mile is charged.

In most cases, once produced, the video will need to be hosted on a server to be viewed across the Internet. If you already have a professional website your website designer may be able to host the video. Alternatively, we will host it on our high speed, wide-band server. The cost for this is £5.00 per month.

Or . . . get it all for FREE!

If we build you a website (the cost of which is free - see subscription price on Prices page) we will also make a video for you for no charge. The only extra cost to you is £2 per month for hosting of the video portion of the work.

Any questions — just ask.

Tel: 07521 941 560