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Stand out.

Video gets your company noticed like no other medium.

No matter what you are constructing, selling or what services you supply to the public, a good quality short promotional video will grab the attention of potential customers.

Show your potential clients who you are and why your enterprise is a cut above the rest. A good video really introduces you to the world and makes you stand out. The more potential clients feel they know and trust you, the more likely they are to purchase.


1. Send us your phone video and we will edit it. We then load it on to our own dedicated video server platform and embed the stream into one of your website pages.

2. If you don't yet have any video, send us your still pictures and we will edit these into a video format. Be sure to send us BIG good quality still pix from your phone [read more about taking and sending us pix]


Editing, embedding and hosting short phone videos that you make is free and included in the monthly website subscription.

3. We can produce a professional High Definition video for you.

Until further notice the special offfer price for a 4K High Definition video of up to 20 minutes in length is reduced from £1500 to £680. This price includes a pre-shooting script meeting, upto eight hours on site video recording and all necessary editing time. A 20 minute video will typically take up to 30 hours to edit the video and audio tracks, so the total time to make your video is about five or six days from start to finish.

If the video is to be recorded outside of North Wales there is a travelling charge of 30 pence per mile to reach the required location.

The cost to host the video on our high capacity CDN Edge server system [*read more about this] is £2 per month in addition to the basic website subscription or £5.00 pcm if we host your video only for integration into a third party website.


Promotional video

Take a look at the going rate for short corporate promotional videos. Companies are charging anything from £2,000 upwards, with the average price being in the region of £5,000.

Video is more expensive to film than still photography and then the editing of the imagery, soundtrack, voice-over and music can take hundreds of hours to get the right effects.

We can produce for your company a professional 4K HD quality video for a fraction of the normal rate.

Speak to us about your requirements.

Video grabs the attention of potential customers like no other medium.

It is a great way of introducing your company to website visitors.

People who know something about you are much more likely to purchase.

We talk through the intended production with you to make sure we cover all your requirements.

Jointly, we write a script and shooting schedule and plan in advance locations and the topics to be covered.

Then, on the agreed day, we shoot the video, allowing plenty of time to get everything just right.

After that, it is into the editing studio to organise the visuals and audio. Finally, we upload the completed production on to our dedicated high speed CDN server system.

At this point you have a choice whether we build a website on which to host your video or provide the necessary code to your existing website designer so they can embed the video.

The video streaming system is designed so that a single line of HTML code will embed the video and it will then automatically configure to play on all devices and adjust to varying Internet reception speeds.

You have a choice whether you allow viewers to download the video or simply stream it.

Video package

Up to eight hours planning and attendance.

High Definition video up to 20 minutes in finished length.

Copy of video on device of your choice (flash drive, USB).

Price: £1500.00 now £680
Video hosting only
£5.00 per month.

Website production (if required)

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We use a CDN Edge* platform. What' that? CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Instead of your video being stored on a single server — maybe tens of thousands of miles from the viewer — a CDN comprises many servers all over the world, each one holding a copy of your video. This means all your viewers, wherever they are in the world, are receiving both the streamed video and download at optimum speed and highest quality. Furthermore, our coding allows the server to detect the capability of the viewer's local device and adjust the resolution accordingly, thus ensuring the smoothest picture.


Our CDN array

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