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The good news is we have very few T & Cs - only those necessary to ensure we can provide you with the maximum service at the minimum price


All online financial transactions are handled by our secure merchant services partner GO CARDLESS.


1. Nothing in these terms is intended to affect your statutory rights. A comprehensive range of services is included in with your website plan for no extra charge.


2. Each £28 website plan will provide between 3 and 5 pages plus sub-pages to start with - according to the client's wishes. Additional 'starter' pages (if required by client) are charged at £2.00 per month. We do not charge VAT. All prices are fully inclusive.


3. Websites invariably grow over time as more content is added. There is no extra charge for this additional content. You can see from our 'Examples' page that sites grow to be substantial 'electronic brochures' over time.


4. For a very moderate additional cost we can also provide dedicated email services and monthly website visitor reports - see website for details. A simple email for collecting sales enquiries from your website and replying to them costs just £2 per month. We can also provide a high capacity email with 2 GB of storage space for £4.50 per month. Please note these are discounted prices for emails provided as part of a website plan. A stand-alone email service (which includes full technical support) is charged at £11 per month.



(a) There is no charge levied by us for the design and build of your website. We build you a bespoke site based on our discussions with you FOR FREE.

You are free to cancel your arrangement at any time. There is no minimum period for the subscription service. However, if you cancel within the first year and require us to transfer your domain and / or any code that we have written to construct a new or different website by another designer, a fee of £150 is payable to us for the work we have carried out on your behalf this far. There is no charge if you simply cancel the arrangement and do not require use of our original content or code.

To summarise: there is no minmum period or tie-in for our subscripton service. You are free to cancel at any time. We retain the copyright on code and text content (excluding client pictures) for one year. You must not reproduce this content or authorise its copying within this period. After one year we will provide a free copy of the website content should you wish to host the website elsewhere.


If you do not have a domain we will arrange to purchase one for you at cost . The cost to you will be £9.00 for a domain, and £15.00 for a .com domain, or a .net domain. These prices include VAT as charged by the registrar. If you already own a domain we will arrange to transfer it in for you. The cost of transferring a domain from client's original registrar to our registrar is £7.00 (transfer in). Some registrars also make a small administration charge in the region of £7.00 to cover their costs to authorize the transfer out of a domain (transfer out). The charges quoted are those levied by the Domain Names Registrars.


We can organize the transfer of a domain for you if you already have one registered with another registrar. In order to host your website on the Internet we need to have your domain registered with our hosting partner. The cost of an inward domain transfer is a one-off payment of £7.00 including VAT (as set out above). This is a discounted rate where the transfer is part of a website hosting subscription plan that we undertake for you.§

§ Where you instruct us to transfer a domain that is not used as part of our website subscription plan the transfer in fee is £25 including VAT.

All payments are required to be made via our merchant services partner Go Cardless. By minimising administration costs in this way we can maintain our extremely low prices.


We build a draft site and place it live on the Internet for your approval. At this point we invite you to request any changes, alterations, additions. We usually allocate a 14 day window for this part of the process so that any major changes are made before Google and other search engines catalogue a site that might contain eroneous information. At the end of the 14 day period (sooner if you appove the original draft) the agreed hosting subscription becomes payable for the rate stated in Item "2" above. Of course, from then on, we will make as many alterations to the site as you wish.

(e) MERCHANT SERVICES WEBSITES - ie: sites from which products are to be sold directly from the website and clients charged via a merchant services provider - will be quoted separately depending on client requirements. Due to the size of such sites and complexity involved integrating with third party payment services providers, we charge a £100 fee to cover the set up work which is over and above the normal website design and build work. A merchant services website is a site which hosts a range of products or services which are then purchased directly from the site via a third party merchant service provider which is licenced either by the UK Financial Conduct Authority or an equivalent regulatory body. Setting up such a website involves provision of ID checks and liason with the merchant service provider, plus testing and extensive integration of the third party software for securely administering financial transactions.


6. OUR SERVICE in each website plan

(a) Hosting of your website and email.

(b) Regular technical updates to ensure compliance with latest Internet protocols.

(c) As many content updates and additions as you require (subject only to a fair usage policy). These may include: text, pictures, seasonal offers, promotions, new services, latest company news, work in progress, costomer testimonials, reviews, video. You simply phone, email, text or WhatsApp your latest content information to us and we update.

(d) As much technical support as you need to get the best from your website and email service.

(e) We can embed video in your website and upload a copy to YouTube with meta-tags. Google owns YouTube. This is a good way to imporve your company Internet presence at no extra cost. Video from your smart phone is edited and uploaded free of charge. Similarly, we can make short videos for you. We do not charge for making videos but a transport charge of £100.00 for travelling to your chosen site is payable.

(f) Registration of your website and ongoing liaison with "Google My Business" and "Google Search Console".

(g) We can make promotional videos for you. These are edited and embedded and streamed via your site from our separate dedicated video server. The price options for this servvice are set out on the VIDEO page.


7. In circumstances where more than one site is required by a client from the outset, each site will be constructed by us and approved, as necessary by the client and then hosted so that each website plan is a separate agreement in its own right.



There is no minumum term or tie in for your website plan. You may cancel the website plan at anytime with one month's prior notice.



(a) The client provides any key content they wish to provide: pictures, text, graphics, logos. We will provide any additional text, copywriting and graphics to ensure the site looks professional. Where clients require bought-in copyright images by other agencies these will be charged in advance at cost - usually about £10 per image. We have a library of images on which we own the copyright. We can include these images on your site at no charge.

(b) Once we have constructed the draft site we place it on your domain for up to 14 days for any major or structural changes required by the client. At the end of the 14 day approval period, following such alterations, or in the absence of client instructions to the contrary, the agreed subscription service commences.

(c) We are happy to amend and adjust the site layout and content as much as is required during or after the 14 day period until it is exactly what you want.

(d) This 14 day "window" is important for three reasons: (i) server space is expensive and limited and to keep our prices so low we need to limit free usage (ii) any major errors need to be corrected before the search engines log the content (iii) we need to undertake additional coding to improve the visibility of your new site as soon as possible.

(e) At this point the agreed monthly subscription payment to cover the website plan becomes payable by direct debit. Our secure merchant service provider is 'GO-CARDLESS'.

(g) The payment monthly system has been designed to spread the cost of your Internet services. Some clients prefer to pay half yearly or annually in advance.

(h) Website services are provided on behalf of M Graham trading as Citycoder. All website subscription plans may be cancelled at any time with one month's notice. There is no minimum term.


10. A website plan allows you to benefit cheaply from what would otherwise be expensive technical IT work, saving your business considerable upfront costs. A plan may include: a website only, or website plus email and/or monthly visitor statistics. Unlimited advice and technical support concerning all matters "Internet" is included in each plan.

Where no website plan is subsequently activated there are separate charges for the administration of domain purchases and transfers and for domain hosting as follows:

(i) Domain purchase administration:£10; (ii) domain transfer administration:£25; (iii) domain hosting:£15 per year.



(a) Clients warrant that all images and graphics they supply for their website are owned by them or licensed to them.

(b) Design and coding of each website is copyright © CITYCODER and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Clients accept that images they supply for their website are deemed to be jointly copyright with Citycoder and client.


12. High Definition Video production

(a) We will record a video for you and edit the visuals and audio at the price stated on our quotation out the outset of the contract. A copy of the video shall be supplied on a memory card or similar device according to client's preference.

(b) Fifty percent (50%) of the agreed price shall be charged prior to commencement of the production of the video at the time of the booking.

(c) The remaining 50% is payable by the client on completion of the on site 'filming' of the video and before editing commences.

(d) Separately the client has the option to purchase hosting of the video on our server at the current price quoted on our website.

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