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Here's some advice about getting the best pictures on your website.


Smart phones now take very high quality pictures with a typical resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

To give you an idea what this means the current average maximum computer screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels. So a phone picture has twice the resolution (clarity) needed for most purposes.

The sketch below shows how confusing this can be. A small phone takes BIG pictures...BUT...because your phone screen is small you don't know whether you are viewing high resolution pictures or not. Some programmes "compress" pictures. These look OK on your phone but not good on a big screen.

Screen sizes and resolutions.
Screen sizes and resolutions.

Quite often we edit pictures to show them on your website at their best so it is useful to have big pictures (high resolution).

If you want a good clear banner image across the top of your webpage we need to use a picture that is at least 1920 px wide.

Many programmes automatically edit down the picture quality. For example Yell reduces quality to 800 x 800 px and Facebok to about 920 px. So that we can put the clearest pictures on your site try to send us pictures direct from your phone by email.

Some phones will give you the choice when you email or message a picture if you want to send it normal full size or send a smaller version. For your website pix always choose the best quality option.


Bottom line: B I G pictures direct from your phone by email are best. Alternatively, send via WhatsApp (this App does compress pictures slightly).



Most initial searches for information on the Internet are now done on smart phones (small screens)...BUT before a customer will spend BIG money they will probably look at your site on a full size computer screen.

Picture orientation.
Picture orientation.