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Getting Noticed

Google is not a charity. It will not put you on page one of its listings for free.

Google is a multi-billion dollar global company and it earns all its money by charging companies like yours huge amounts of money to appear in its search listings

The pay-per-click ads are obvious but Google has many devious ways to charge companies by "adjusting" the search results. Don't take our word for it. The EU has prosecuted Google three times and fined it over 8 billion Euros.

EU commissioner.

There is, however, a way to get a top listing on both Google and Bing* without paying out a fortune. In order for Google to maintain credibility, at least some of its search results must conform to a logical set of rules. These are published by Google.

Here is a short video that talks through a case study showing how we achieved good search results for a client in a very competitive market.


* Don't ignore BING. Microsoft loads Bing as the default search engine on hundreds of thousands of computers used int he UK.