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Think of the Internet as a great big virtual city - full of customers - all looking to purchase from you!

Most website design companies charge between £800 and £2,500 to build a professional website (some even more).

We charge nothing - zilch - not a penny*

Paying a lot for a website says more about the designer's lifestyle costs than the quality of the work.

No matter what you pay, the money is wasted if the site does not show in the search results. Purchasing an expensive website does not guarantee that your site will be found.

That is why we charge - a very very modest amount - to amend and update your site when on the Internet instead of charging for the site build.

*You will need a domain which will usually cost between £9 and £15 per year. We pay this fee to the Registrar on your behalf.

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Very few website designers will tell you in advance what everything will cost.


Tel: 07521 941 560

Unlimited 7 days-a-week support and a top listing on Google

Website design and build cost:    NOTHING 

Then UNLIMITED updates and additions

Plus £2,000 per year worth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All for just £28 per month

No contract ~ no tie ~ no catches

Send us pictures and phone video, latest info from your jobs, customer comments and reviews. We add it all to your website month after month turning it into an impressive electronic brochure — making a website far better than your competitors.

All this activity — and some behind-the-scenes magic by us — gets you to the top of the Google listings.

Your website is there to make you money - not many website designers understand this simple fact.

That's £1,000 worth of website for FREE

PLUS £2,000 worth of ANNUAL "SEO" for just £28 per month.

Websites that are eye-catching, tailored to your business. . .

Some of our websites.


. . . fast loading, easy for customers to find and navigate



What is "SEO"?


Google will not give you a top listing for free.

In fact they will try and charge you thousands of pounds.

READ MORE about how we get your website noticed.

All devices.

Tel: 07521 941 560


7 days a week professional technical support for all clients



Things you need to know


How to make the Internet work for you

Hate it or loath it — the Internet is here to stay.

The Internet continues to put many companies out of business You cannot afford to ignore it.



Not just your website designer - we're your very own IT department! 7 days a week support on all things Internet included in your subscription.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

We add video to your website to grab visitors' attention.

Take a look at some examples of clients' videos.

Video from clients

We upload your phone video to your website and to Youtube - a great source of FREE advertising.

Tel: 07521 941 560