They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That being so a video is worth ten times more. People are accustomed to watching moving pictures

If you really want to engage with potential new clients, get their interest, encourage them to know what you can do - then show them!


Winning more business is important but you want it to be the right kind of business - business that is profitable. With the right kind of pictures you can build your brand image. When people are looking for a tradesman or a supplier, yes, price will be a consideration. But that will not be the only concern of a potential customer. They will want to be convinced of your reliability, and, if they are sensible, will be prepared to pay that little bit more for better quality. This is how a good website that builds your brand image can improve your profitability.

I can make promotional videos for you for free - it's all in with the monthly subscription. All I ask is a contribution to cost of the diesel for travelling to your chosen location.

In addition to enbedding the video on your site, I upload it to YOUTUBE because YouTube is owned by Google. This means they favour YouTube content in their search results. All this helps your company to stand out on the Internet.

My thanks to BENSOUND.COM for the incidental music.