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What is the point of a website?

So many companies purchase a website because it is now "the thing to do" and they see that other companies have one.

The point of a website is to help sell your products and services and thus to keep the business profitable and preferably to increase profits.

A webiste is not there to entertain the public. You are not Netflix. Don't let a designer build you a site that is all "whistles-and-bells" but then fails to market your company properly.

The fact is, we live in constantly and rapidly changing times. You simply have to look at the large companies that "got it wrong" and no longer exist or are fighting for survival: Woolworths, British Home Stores, Carillion, Dixons, Carphone Warehouse - even Marks and Spencer are in difficulties.

Not so long ago, we shopped on the high street and if we wanted to find a local supplier we picked up our copy of Yellow Pages. Today many of the shops still open on our high streets are in financial difficulties and Yellow Pages is little more than a small booklet and, no doubt, soon it will cease to exist at all.

Like it or not, the forseeable future is the Internet and Google.

Five years ago customers would sit at their computer or laptop and search. Today over half of all Internet use is via smart phone so you need to have a site that looks good on small phone screens and the newer wide PC screens.

If you have the wrong kind of website on the Internet you are wasting your time and even risking the future of your company. It goes without saying if you don't have a website at all - even if you are very busy now - you are storing up trouble for the future.

Nothing lasts forever; the pace of change is increasing; and when change comes it is usually unexpected, immediate and can be devasting.

So, keep your options open; develop your Internet presence now. We can do that for you. Showing up in a Google search is not a switch you can simply turn on. While it can take time to build your on-line presence, the good news is once we have helped you build your on-line reputation, you will be ahead of the pack and be well-placed to beat the oposition who failed to think ahead!