Examples of what other web designers charge

You can pay anything from £800 to £2,500 for a professional website design. Even then you don't really know what you are getting for this money or how useful many of these 'add-on features' are of use to you.

Furthermore many design companies will work from templates; they have half a dozen pre-made designs - often not even their own - and then they mix-and-match.

Some website design systems - such as 'Wordpress' - are expressly set up so that "designers" can use 'plug-ins'. These are snippets of code provided by other code writers that make the designer look cleverer than he / she is.

Then there is the maintenance charge: the cost levied for 'SEO' - Search Engine Optimization'. This can be anything from £150 a month to £500 a month. Once again do you know what you are getting for this charge?

We design each site from scratch; no code borrowed from others; code that is rock-solid and hacker-proof.


Here are some examples from some of the less expensive design houses.

What other designers charge.

This is the price range of a 'content managed' website between £150 and £600 per month, plus VAT.

Another web designer

The above "special offfer" prices exclude VAT and are for a 'Wordpress' website - in other words a site from a templates with added 'plug-ins'.

Lot's of different website design prices

This company offers a range of different price packages. The word "from" is prominent. In order to get the full package - a service like ours - you will have to pay £1,000 plus VAT - or more.

More prices.

This company says "we do the techy stuff for you" - well, that's their job, isn't it? But take a look at the list of things below that they don't do...

More design prices and exclusions.

The items underlined in red we do as part of our all-inclusive package.