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Most design companies will design your site, present you with a bill and then leave you to it.

We are different - we are with you for the long term - to make sure your enterprise is properly represented on the Internet now and for as long as your company trades. We are with you for the long term to make sure your company always makes the most of the Internet and any other developing IT technologies.

We build you a professional site, coded to the very latest standards then we keep updating it and adding to it - with new content, new pictures, testimonials and reviews from your clients, news about the latest projects you have completed.

Unlike most of the other websites that are uploaded on to the Internet and then forgotten about, your site looks like an up to date magazine instead of a dusty old book on a shelf.

And Google rewards you for that by upgrading your search presence.

We can take picture for you, make short videos, promote your company on YouTube - all for no extra charge. It's all included in the fixed monthly subscription of £28.