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Google search One. Google search Two. Google search Three.


There are fly-by-night companies going around claiming that for £500 they can get your company on page 1 of Google. Mostly they cannot.

Google themselves are selling a service called 'Google Data' or 'Google Directory' which they claim, for £95 plus per month will get you on page 1.

In reality they give you a listing in a little box with lots of other paid-for advertising. Technically you are on page 1 but you can be half way down a list in a pop-up window and everyone knows this is paid-for advertising and not a true page 1 search result.

The best (and cheapest) way to get a good showing on Google is to have a website that delivers up-to-date, constantly renewed relevant content.

The screenshots opposite show how I have achieved page 1, 2 and 3 search results on Google for a client.

The first listing is as a result of the client paying for an entry on Google Data. This can be worthwhile if your business is centred on a particular geographic location - and most are.

The downside of Google Data is that some people will know it is paid-for content and might decide to ignore it.

The remaining listings are as a result of planned integrated links. Use of websites and social media such as "Blogspot" and "Youtube" (both of which are owned by Google) produce additional search results which improve your search visibility.

Back-linking and cross linking to to other sites is another very effective way to improve your Google results.

Background tags and text linking to photographs and video all adds to the mix and gets you noticed across the Internet

I do all this in with your regular subscription - no extra charges - a service that other companies charge hundreds of pounds for each month. So you don't pay an upfront design fee and you don't pay the kind of charges that other professional Internet media companies charge their clients.

I can advise you on the cost-effective way to promote your company on the Internet without spending the earth.