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There are two main ways to get prominence in Google search results: pay them for advertising or have a strong and relevant Internet presence. Google prioritizes up-to-date content. If your site is not updated regularly it slips to the bottom of the search list.


Relevant Internet presence

Everybody wants to be on page one of Google. Obviously this is not possible. In reality, however, most searchers will look at the first three pages of a Google search result, especially if it is for something important. Arguably, many people are now wise to the fact that the results at the top of the list are not always what they seem, and so they search down the list to check the real relevance of any particular result.


Unfortunately Google does not measure the skills or competency of any business when it lists results; only a website's relevance to the Internet. Therefore, to get a good listing on Google any website needs to interact properly with the rest of the World Wide Web. Attempts to 'cheat' may actually result in a site being 'blacklisted'.

The next page explains a little about how Google works.


Much is written about 'SEO' - Search Engine Optimisation. In truth almost no one knows how Google's search algorithms work because it is a big secret. In spite of Google's own manipulation of the system in their 'Directory' sales dept. the best way to get near the top of any search result is to have good quality relevant content on your site. By that I mean, if you are a solicitor you should have quality legal content; if you are a builder have lots of substantial building content. "Joe Blogs - we're the best builders" will not do it.

Whether it is worth your company paying for Google advertising depends on several factors; for example: your area of operations; whether you have a specific geographic catchment area; what type (if any) of promotion and/or advertising you do.

For small business there are two ways of paying Google to enghance your Internet presence: pay-per-click and Google Data aka The Library Guys. We will be happy to discuss and provide unbiased information.