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Every site I build is different. I do not use templates unlike many "designers"; neither do I use plug-ins. Your site will be unique to you, it will reflect the character of your business, and it will stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, it will evolve as your enterprise prospers.

Many smaller businesses only choose to have a website because their competitors have one.

However, a properly designed, active website can work wonders for your turnover.

You can do more than simply state who you are and list some of your services. It can be your full colour luxury brochure.

I don't hit you with a big bill and then leave you to it (like some designers) or bill you for every subsequent alteration (like other designers). Everything is included. I'm with you for the long haul with lots of practical and free advice as your enterprise thrives and integrates with the web.

Citycoder - Your friendly neighbourhood web designer.

You can set out the whole character of your business and explain why the way you have chosen to run your enterprise is better than your competitors. Unlike a small ad in the local paper or a leaflet dropped through a door, you can lay out in glorious colour the services you provide, the work you have done, show completed projects and quote testimonials from your many satisfied customers.

Your site as your business communications hub

If you are one of those business that has 'parked' a site on the Internet and then forgotten about it (and many have) you are wasting an opportunity.

Your website should be at the heart of your enterprise's communication with your existing and future clients. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses cannot afford the time or the money to do this properly - UNTIL NOW!

All you have to do is phone, text or email me with the information you want to add or the changes you wish to make - and it will appear on the Internet. So, for a very modest subscription you can have a major Internet presence just like the big companies have: up to date, responsive, dynamic.

Today's Internet

Devices, browsers, versions

Just a few years ago website builders were changing all their designs because bigger screens, wider screens and faster PCs were coming on to the market. Then things changed: mobile devices started to catch on and screens suddenly got smaller.

The geeks went into overdrive and devised all manner of 'solutions': responsive protocols, elastic protocols, fluid protocols, etc. Then there was the problem of 'no mouse'. Touch screen devices work differently to PCs.

So far, there is no single solution that works for all devices running on any operating system. The problem with handing over website appearance control to automated systems is that the sites become boring.

Machines have no imagination - and sometimes the software becomes so complex that older devices simply crash under the load of all the automated processes.

You should never assume that all your customers are viewing your site on the latest equipment. Most are not. This is a mistake that many 'hi-tech' designers make.

In the end, the best solution is human ingenuity, not computer automation.

I build websites that look good, keep viewers interested and convey information efficiently on all devices - new or old, big or small.


Some Do's and DONT's

DO add content to your site regularly. Mobile devices now take surprisingly good pictures. Send me the latest pix of your exploits and I will incorporate them in your site. It's free, so why not do it?

DON'T let a web designer build you a site that is "too clever by half".

Internet on tin cans.

Many designers (to justify a higher price) design for their clients instead of their clients' customers. Simple is always best; it need not mean boring or basic. Remember that your customers will be viewing on all kinds of devices - new and old. A site that incorporates all the latest gimmicks might not work at all when viewed on older browsers or with safety filters installed.

DO have a site that loads quickly and provides the information your prospective customers are looking for. Some of the wealthiest people live deep in the country where boadband speeds are still slow. Make it easy for your customers to do business.

DO provide helpful and useful information for prospective clients as this will build confidence in your expertise.

DON'T clutter each page with so many 'clever' gizmos that the weight of the background code slows down loading. Too much code consumes bandwidth and memory. Vistors soon learn to avoid websites that are slow and difficult to navigate.

DO remember the point of having a website: it's to promote your company and win business.

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