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Design errors. Design errors. Design errors.

Much is said by website designers about "Responsive Design" as though it is a magic solution to layout problems on diffent viewing devices.

The truth is relying on a single programme to re-engineer all designs to fit on both the largest and smallest devices from 1920 pixel screens down to 350 pixel screens is asking for trouble. Very few designers manage to get it right.

This is why I write three types of code for my clients' websites, one of which is for small screen, low bandwidth mobile phones.

Over half the people who initially view your site will do so on a mobile phone, even if they later return to look at it again on a larger screen computer.

The images opposite illustrate common design mistakes.

These are real websites currently live on the Internet which have cost their owners substantial sums of money.


It's not simply appearance

Much of the country still does not have dependable top quality mobile coverage.

It is important, therefore, that good readable content loads quickly on mobile devices. To do this properly a dedicated file of coding and alternate graphics are required - separate from the type that would be loaded on to a home or office computer.