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BROWSERS - how your site is seen by potential clients

Browser - type PCs
Chrome 49%
Internet Explorer 18%
Firefox 17%
Safari 11%
Opera 2%

A significant number of organisations (including the US and UK governments) still use Windows XP, which in turn, means having to use version 6 of Internet Explorer. Recent surveys have found that a surprising number of smaller businesses still use IE6. Many of the latest website 'gizmos' will not work when viewed in the IE6 browser.

Mobile browsers
Chrome 32%
iPhone 21%
Android 18%
Unclassified 13%
Opera 8%
Nokia 2%
IE mobile 2%
Others 4%

Similarly, many of the wealthiest people live in houses deep in the country where high-speed broadband still has not reached.

This is why it is important to write robust code that produces web pages that everyone will be able to read.