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Setting up a blog on 'Blogspot'


A blog is free advertising

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, measure a site's 'importance' in many ways. One way is by checking how many referrals a site gets from other sites. Having a blog link back to your site therefore makes your site look more important to a search engine.

Google owns both Blogspot and Youtube. That is why I recommend you have both a blog and a short video on Youtube.


There is an old saying in the advertising industry: "an inch of editorial is worth ten inches of advertising".

A blog counts as 'editorial' and can generate more interest than paid for advertising.

I will set up a 'Blog' on Google's 'Blogspot' for you. You can then add content as often as you wish. It is relatively easy to maintain and well worth doing because it can improve your Google search rankings - something that some companies will charge a lot of money to do for you.

Google's search 'robots and spiders' scour the Internet looking for new content and give priority to sites that change frequently so a blog linked to the main website I have built for you will resonate across the Internet.

You don't need to write much - in fact short and pithy is best - but do it regularly, say once a month.

Don't confuse the terms 'Post' and 'Blog'. Creating a Blog means a whole new website whereas a new Post means adding a page to your existing Blog.

How to find and log in

Go to the blog address I have given you. In this

Click on the Cookie announcement at the top of the page to get rid of it.

Sign in.

Image 1

On the RHS top you will see the words 'SIGN IN'.

Image 2

Sign in with the account name and password I have given you.

Choose a blog.

Image 3

This will take you to the first page of your blogger management. In this example two blogs are shown. To access the appropriate blog click on it.

Choose a blog.

Image 4

Understanding the terminology: the word 'blog' refers to the whole blog website whereas 'post' means the page you are about to write.

At this stage you only want to add a 'post'. More about adding another 'blog' later.

new post.

Image 5

Clicking on the appropriate blog will open the OVERVIEW page. On the LHS is a menu. You need to click 'New Post'

new post.

Image 6

The editing page will then open and you are ready to go. Add a title and type up your blog.

new post.

Image 7

When you are done click 'Publish' on the RHS. If you need time to compose your thoughts click on 'Save' periodically so that your content does not get lost if the Internet connection drops while you are typing.

A summary page will then appear showing your new post and all previous posts on this blog.

new post.

Image 8

You can click on the button to VIEW your published blog in a new window. Having read your new online version of your latest post, if you need to make changes revert back to the previous window (underneath the new window) and place your mouse over the the new blog. This will open a sub menu. Click on 'Edit' to make any alterations.

new post.

Image 9

And when you have finished click the orange 'Update' button on the RHS.

Don't forget to sign out.

When you are confident with your first blog you may wish to add a second or even a third using other key words.

To do this, click on the 'My Blogs' button as shown in image 8 above (I have underlined in green) or the 'New Blog' button (Image 3) if you are on the first management page.

A window will open giving you the choice to (a) give your new blog a title - the title is what will appear in the browser top tab (b) give it an address and (c) select a template. Here are two tips: (1) keep it short and snappy (2) use words that you think will be used by people searching for your service. Ie: town or region, subject, alternative titles that describe your company's activity.

new post.

Image 10

When you have done these three things click the 'Create Blog' button.

Finally, don't forget to create a profile - nothing too personal - just enough to explain to prospective clients who you are.

At the top RHS click on your ID link (in this case M E Contractors). A pop up will appear. Click 'Blogger profile'

new post.

Image 11

new post.

Image 12

An 'Edit Profile' page will appear. Click on the orange 'Edit profile' button on the RHS.

new post.

Image 13

You can now add as much or as little as you wish to your public profile. Ticking the box 'share my profile' will allow it to be displayed to anyone who views your blog. If you require assistance with, say, uploading pictures and logos, please let me know.


You can see how different blogs cross-link with the main site I have built for you and other content you / we place on the Internet (such as YouTube videos) to improve search rankings and make you more visible on Google. The secret is always lots of regular new content. Improve your search rankings