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Most website design companies charge between £800 and £2000 to build a professional website.

We charge nothing - zilch - not a penny*

Paying a lot for a website says more about the designer's lifestyle costs than the quality of the work.

No matter what you pay, the money is wasted if the site does not show in the search results. Purchasing an expensive website does not guarantee that your site will be found.

That is why we charge - a very very modest amount - to amend and update your site when on the Internet instead of charging for the site build.

*You will need a domain which will usually cost between £8 and £12 per year. We pay this fee to the Registrar on your behalf.

Very few website designers will tell you in advance what everything will cost.

We do.

Website design and build cost: NOTHING 

Hosting, continuous updating, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Send us pictures and phone video for inclusion in the site.

Seven days a week help & support.

ALL THIS for £38 per month (no VAT).

Tel:07521 941 560




The purpose of a website

Clear & informative

Your site as a hub

Your electronic brochure

What should a website cost?

Coffee cup.

For the price of a cup of coffee § each week you get a constantly updated website and all the Internet support your enterprise needs.

A professionally built FREE website

Regular updates to boost your visibility in search results

Dedicated email if you wish

Free photography and video


§ OK - two cups

A Starbucks Esspresso Venti costs £3.50

Good design makes you money

Showing up in search results

GOOGLE - case studies



To a FREE professional website that will win you business


The short videos below explain why some websites are effective and others are not.

Pictures and graphics are important. The Internet is a visual medium.

But they should not get in the way of delivering your message.

Too many effects distract the viewer and slow loading time.